Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cubs posters - the final hurdle!

The badge the cubs were working toward was the Artist Activity badge which required them to undertake three tasks. The first was to design and draw their own own flag, The second was to help paint the final full-size pack flag. The third, and final task, was to design a poster to advertise a cub event!

Of course the obvious event for them to advertise was their own badge ceremony that was due to take place just before kick-off at the Morecambe game. Out came the pencil sets and the thinking caps and below you can see some of the results!
Nice use of colour and an excellent Artist badge
All the information's there and the Scout symbol
with legs makes a welcome return!
Nice design, neat, colourful and everything's 
there. A cracker!
No-nonsense poster, straight to the point.

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