Sunday, 4 March 2012

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The Big Blast Band project has been going on in the background for the last couple of weeks without the benefit of an update from yours truly, even though there's been loads going on! 

Although Elisabeth has been concentrating on basic drumming patterns and chanting at the High Path centre, small groups have been working every week with John at the Crown Lane Recording Studio. This really is the icing on the cake for many of the participants as they are not only having an opportunity to try out instruments for the first time but they are also being involved in the recording process, either by playing the instruments or working with John in the recording studio itself.

What we are working toward is a High Path version of "We Are Wimbledon" that the participants in the project will perform live to the Wimbledon crowd at half time during a match This is a daunting challenge at the best of times so to ensure that they have support on the day the High Path Super Dons are recording a backing track to help them out. John, the sound engineer, is getting everyone to play short pieces that he can then stitch together to make a whole. For example Warren is having a go on the bass guitar practising a riff that will underpin a chant of Wim-ble-don. He has to hold it in a slightly unorthodox style but through determination and concentration we get the piece we need

The photos and extracts below come from the last two weekly sessions both at High Path and the Crown Lane recording studio. Over the next couple of sessions we will start working on the song itself in preparation for the big day and we are all excited about that prospect. Well, excited and a bit nervous really. It's a big jump for everyone to go from drumming practise to a song and then a live performance in front of 4,000 supporters! Luckily we know that supporters support, especially Wimbledon ones, and we hope everyone will join in with us!
Last week was Warren's birthday so there was a little surprise laid on for him!
Happy birthday Warren! Very tasty cake as well...
Elisabeth had invited along a friend to accompany us on his double bass. He was playing later that evening at the 100 Club, which must have been a bit of a come down after working with the High Path Super Dons!
I take along a flag each week to add a bit of colour. I forgot to take this one down and apparently the next day it put some people off their breakfast...
Ian's just chillin', waiting for his solo session...
Ian seems to have an orthodox style on the bass...
...whilst Matthew is more Lap Steel Guitar oriented
Apart from the instruments, everyone gets to help in the control room...
... where there are masses of  sliders, buttons and display to help with.
Wayne took to the bass like a natural
Ian way be the quietest person in the group but it doesn't hold him back when there's an instrument to hand

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