Big Blast Band! - Music project

Big Blast Band!
(New project beginning 2011) 
Music is well known for its therapeutic value and the association of football and music includes military bands and terrace drums. What better opportunity then than for AFC Wimbledon to encourage groups of individuals whose voices might not normally be heard to learn new skills, develop self-confidence and make sure that people sit up and listen!

We are looking to identify groups who would benefit from banding together to learn a basic musical repertoire. The aim is to encourage them to perform, either unaccompanied or with the support of other musicians, a number of terrace favourites during the half time break of a Wimbledon match and we will provide them with a range of appropriate instruments and tuition.

We are looking to work with a range of groups and are currently planning our first two sessions around the needs of individuals with physical disabilities and learning disabilities.