Sunday, 4 March 2012


The Morecambe game may have focused on the 1st Morden Cubs and their achievements, but let's not forget the group responsible for the other flag that was flying that day.

The Beaver pack only meet for an hour a week, so they had less time than the cubs to finish their painting but their enthusiasm carried them through and we were able to take the team photo below well in advance of the game
The Beavers team looking very pleased with themselves.
Quite rightly too...
Of course you can only see how good a flag is when it's actually hanging in the back of the Tempest and I think the Beavers have done a good job with this one. The Yellow and blue stripes on the womble are quite innovative though and from the glum looks on the supporters faces I'd guess this was taken just after Morecambe had scored...
Those in the know will realise that the turquoise lettering is
the same colour as the beaver shirt!
We felt that the Beavers might be a little too young for the match so they were represented at the game by Brenda, the Beaver leader, who also helped look after the incredibly well-behaved cubs for their day out. Still, the Beaver flag did pop up in the odd photo from the day, such as this one on the OS

And then finally, after everyone had gone, we had the cubs pose for photos under their flag and Brenda did the same on behalf of the Beavers!
"Halt Beaver Leader! For you the match is over..."
As it turns out the Beavers also earned a Community  badge for working on their flag and I was happy to return the following week to the Beaver meeting and to present them all with their AFC Wimbledon Community Certificate of Achievement, which is even more sought after than the fabled Crackerjack pencil!

So thanks to the Beavers of 1st Morden for their hard work and artistic talent. It certainly helped brighten up a dull Tempest stand

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