Flying the Flag - Art project

Flying the Flag for Haydon!
Getting together in a group to design and paint a flag is not only fun but also an exercise in co-operation on the grand scale! 

Everyone can take part - school children, adults with physical or learning disabilities, carers, scout groups, support groups you name them, they can make a flag and with a public art gallery the size of the Tempest End they can be sure of a very public showing when it's finished!

High Path Day Centre
Inclusion is the key word with our flag projects. As well as the annual 'Flying the Flag for Haydon'  Primary Schools project run in conjunction with Merton Community Arts, we also work with individual groups where we can focus more on the therapeutic and creative benefits. Making a flag to represent your group of friends is a very public demonstration of self-confidence and to be publicly welcomed and appreciated by fellow Wimbledon supporters has proved to be one of the lasting legacies of previous projects!