Friday, 20 January 2012

Beavering away...

Not to be outdone by the cubs, 1st Morden Beavers started work on their own flag this evening and made pretty good progress in the time they had available. We used the same set-up as previously which consisted of three separate groups on a rota basis - whilst one group was painting their flag the other two were engaged in healthy-living activities, so they had a pretty lively night all told!

We only have two sessions to work on their flag so it was important that they had the chance to get as much painted as possible without worrying too much about going over the lines. This flag is going to be a bit heavy on the blue paint but I was also lucky enough to have some turquoise fabric paint which was just the colour of the beaver's shirts. We decided to use that for the lettering and I think that's going to work out pretty well. The womble in the middle was designed to have yellow and blue stripes. I was going to suggest they change it to a more usual all-blue strip but I think it might be interesting to leave it as intended. As there's a competition to design a new first strip there's no saying that stripes might not be in soon anyway!

At the end of the evening everyone had enthusiastically contributed and they all seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Everything was packed away and the flag was then hung out to dry in the store-room ready for next week.
First group of the evening take on the scarf!
One supporter gets his shirt done on the left...

...and the one on the right follows suit

Team Two in full flow
Half of Team Three get to work on some of the lettering

Working the turqoise into all the corners!
Some delicate fingerwork

Whilst the other half concentrate on finishing the supporters
Hanging up to dry, but it's starting to take shape!

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