Monday, 16 January 2012

1st Morden Cubs flag is taking shape!

Bit of a busy day today on the community front: a new dvd for the flag exhibition was produced to provide looped viewing pleasure for visitors; some delayed printing was collected from Haydons Road to finally complete the text side of the same exhibition (both of these to be taken to the exhibition and installed tommorrow); the repaired and completed Music Project drum kit was collected from the Merton Music Foundation base in Merton; the second session of the Music Project itself was a great success in the early evening and, to round off the day, the cubs flag started to take shape during their meeting!

More on the Big Blast Band session later. time for a quick look at the cubs superb effort. And it was superb as it happens. The cubs were divided into three groups of three or four individuals and they came up to spend part of their time on the project .
Looking good. Some straight lines being carefully observed!
I had a table in a corner of the hall (well it was warmer than being in the equipment store) and after setting it all up the cubs dutifully put on their Dons Trust tshirts and listened to a brief set of instructions designed to prevent as many splashes on the flag and the cubs as possible. Whilst the rest of the pack were playing giant Jenga the others worked really hard at their flag, Lines were observed, care was taken, no-one was splashed and everything was most orderly
Womble and Fleur-de-lis in perfect harmony
As it turns out, the next time the hall will be in use is on Friday which is when the Beavers start their flag, so not only was I able to leave the whole set-up in place, but I was able to pin the flag up on a rafter to dry on its own.

Being younger I expect the sessions with the Beavers will be slightly more challenging and lively but they have a good design as well so fingers crossed!

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