Monday, 23 January 2012

Flying the Flag - The Grand Opening in Pictures

There might well be a short feature on the opening of the exhibition in a forthcoming match programme so (being the economic type that I am) I'll put up the text after it has been published. In the meantime here are some of the pictures from the opening itself in Morden Hall Park. We had a bit of a crisis over hangers so sadly some of the displays were a little wonky at first. This has now been sorted and everything's ship-shape and tidy. The exhibition finishes on February 10th and it has, by all accounts, been a great success with 350 visitors on the first day!
Haydon stopped by and met a young supporter

I think the 'V' might symbolise the victory over time which was running out before the opening!

Bit of a crowd gathering now, with a few familiar faces

The Dundonald flag was one of two selected for the exhibition

The panels and frames featured different aspects of the project

The space also features an audio visual area with its looped AFC Wimbledon slideshow!

There are panels featuring every flag that's been produced for the programme

Haydon likes!
Haydon whispering. I can never reveal exactly what he said... 
Things are looking a little straighter on the picture frame front by now

Genuine play-off merchandise as well!

Hillcross Primary school provided the second flag
Strangely the green on the flag is from the National Trust range, which is why it blends in so well

The Scouts also had their section

Last view of the exhibition

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