Saturday, 14 January 2012

'Flying the Flag' exhibition press release

Press release
Morden Hall Stable block - 'The Heart of The Park'
The exhibition space is behind the glass doors to the right
Dons Fly the Flag in the Heart of the Park!
AFC Wimbledon supporters who have enjoyed the Tempest End flags painted by local schoolchildren will be in for a treat from Sunday
The National Trust have agreed to host an exhibition of photos, film, drawings and flags from the clubs' recent ‘Flying the Flag for Haydon’ community arts project that will run from 12.30pm Sunday 15th January to Friday 10th February 2012.

The exhibition will take place in the recently opened ‘Heart of the Park’ space in Morden Hall Park, a prestigious and exciting development based in the recently renovated and developed stable block.

The AFC Wimbledon display will be the first public exhibition held in the space and will provide an opportunity for supporters and the public alike to enjoy drawings, photographs and flags from the last few years as well as providing an opportunity for local schoolchildren to compare their flags!
The park also contains a number of craft stalls, garden centre, second hand book stall and an excellent café making it well worth a leisurely visit.

Haydon the Womble will be in attendance for the grand opening on Sunday 15 January.
Flying the Flag for Haydon is part funded by the Football Conference Community Club Development Fund.

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