Monday, 14 June 2010

The Flag Project : 'Thrilling Thursday' at Poplar Primary & Delivering The Stanford Package!

What's been interesting about going around to the participating schools with this project are the differences in the format of my presentation. St Anns required it's own special approach and the others have mostly been semi-formal presentations to large groups in assemblies but Poplar Primary was a different sort of affair...

In Poplar Primary School in Morden, this part of the year is given over to 'Thrilling Thursdays', an opportunity for some of the older children to undertake a new activity or skill on Thursday afternoons. It might be rock-climbing on a training wall, learning how to bake bread ... or even painting a flag for AFC Wimbledon! This was the choice made by the fifteen or so individuals who were just going into the classroom on my arival.

Poplar Flying the Flag for Haydon!

Ms Lipscombe was running the project and after register was dealt with the class and I had a very informal chat about what AFC Wimbledon would like them to do. I think some were expecting to make a little hand held flag for their Thursday and were a little suprised at the actual size of the flag they would be making!

 Then the fun bit. We had a look at the womble and then went through the flags one at a time, taking the opportunity to notice any puns, pencil guide lines or use of blocks of colour. After each flag had been shown volunteers tried holding the flags up for as long as possible in order to fill the classroom - not easy when some of the flags were taller than the children! Ms Lipscombe was kept busy taking photos for the children to use as reference material and I hope a photo or two might be shown here at a later date.

The Danny Kedwell/Hulk flag was particularly admired by certain sections of the group and the programmes were eagerly scanned for pictures of the team. I think the group might well produce two flags and I've a sneaky feeling that at least one might have a superhero theme!

Stanford Primary school are also involved in the project but sadly couldn't find a space over the last few days  for a flag show, although there is a possibility that I might be asked to drop by when they're having an art session to give a few pointers. I hope so - there's a chance that they may also be producing a couple of flags and it would be great to provide a little inspiration. Many thanks to Ms Wade for her kind co-operation and I was able to drop off her flag packs this morning for the class to amke a start!

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