Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Flag Project: Abbotsbury School, Morden

The third school involved in the project are Abbotsbury Primary School in Morden and I was more than happy to be invited along to introduce the Flag Project to several of the classes in one of their assembly halls. Very conveniently the hall was covered in pin-boards so I was able to set up an almost wall-to-wall display of Wimbledon flagology!
Eco-Superheroes and Unicorns join in the flag fun

Ms. Bennett guided everyone into place before introducing me to the pupils and then we were off! From the whispers as they were coming in I have a suspicion that there may have been a few AFC Wimbledon supporters in the audience so we all got along very well as I explained what the project was all about and asked if they'd be able to help with the design and production of their own flag. Wheras at Links School my section was part of a full school assembly, at Abbotsbury it was apparent that they pupils had been assembled specifically to hear about the project which was a great honour but made me feel just a little on the nervous side. When I'd finished the presentation I was able to present Ms Bennett with the schools very own flag pack. Just before we finished Ms Bennett asked if the pupils could have a Q&A session which was great but it was soon apparent that the World Cup was the subject on everyone's mind and that my expertise was required in that field more than on the practical issues of flag-making!
After packing up I then had the slightly embarassing experience of getting lost on the way out and am very grateful for the assistance shown by one junior member of the school in making sure that I eventually emerged at the right exit. Ms Holme will be leading on the flag making at Abbotsbury so very best wishes to her and I'm sure it will be a good one!

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Rick said...

Hi Flay, Raspberry here. I've just been reading your blog about the Flag project - I think it's great.

Is the Community Events team an official AFC Wimbledon thing or is it unofficial?

Is the Wimbledon Village Fair next weekend? I may be free to help.

Perhaps you could put up a calendar or at least a list of community events on this site - just a suggestion