Friday, 18 June 2010

The Flag Project : West Wimbledon Primary School

The last of the flag shows rolled into Raynes Park on Wednesday as I was the guest of Ms Lally and the children of West Wimbledon Primary School. This was another full assembly but having a little practice under my belt I made sure I was there in plenty of time and with my own supply of drawing pins to hand. A good call as it happened as the hall was surrounded with pin-boards and an ideal place to pin the flags up on. One good omen was the fact that the school caretaker - a man of sound sense and wit - was apparently an AFC Wimbledon supporter as well.

Sadly I had forgotton to take along the camera so the glorious vistas of gently billowing flags filling the hall can only be imagined, but on the whole I think it looked pretty good.

It certainly seemed enough to interest the children as they filed in to take their places and it was soon pretty obvious that there were more than a few Wimbledon supporters in the ranks as well as on the staff! The assembly kicked off with some prizes for gardening then I was introduced to the school and off we went, discovering wombles, flags, fathers who apparently have wardrobes full of Wimbledon shirts, and the joys of a good pun. West Wimbledon Primary certainly seem to have the highest and proudest concentration of Wimbledon fans out of all the schools visited and will be trying to paint a grand total of three flags for us to admire. Ms Lally is going to have her work cut out over the next few weeks!

The final tally of flags and schools 'Flying the Flag for Haydon' looks like this -

St Annes will be producing a single flag
Poplar Primary might well do two
West Wimbledon are a possible three
Abbotsbury School are aiming at two
Stanford School requested three
Links Primary also had two

All in all we might find the Tempest End bedecked in up to thirteen different flags for the Charlton game, which should look spectacular!

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