Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Flag Project : A Visit to St Ann's, Morden

Shirt, womble & a bag of flags. Ready for anything!

St Ann's school is described by Merton as "an all age (3-19) day school for learners with severe learning difficulties including those who have additional physical and sensory disabilities. The school also meets the needs of pupils with an additional diagnosis of autism. Pupils come to St Ann’s from all parts of the London Borough of Merton as well as surrounding boroughs." . AFC Wimbledon have already had some involvement with the school when Terry Brown, Ivor and some of the playing staff held some training sessions there last season so I was very pleased when Ms Meyer, the Arts Co-ordinator, contacted me. She had been informed about the flag painting project and was keen for the St Ann's Art Group to have a go at creating their very own!

Make it visual was the guidance I had been given for the flag show, and as I arrived for the Art Club session at 1.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, I was heavy laden with flags, wombles and flag packs as well as being accompanied by my wife/assistant who had a vital role with the displaying and removing of the various flags. Sort of a Debbie McGee to my Paul Daniels I suppose. Ms Meyer showed us the Art Room which has a superb flag-sized table in the middle of the room. As everyone came they  took their places around the table, we were introduced and then everyone took turns introducing themselves, making us feel very welcome in the process. 

I talked a little about flags and how the club would be very grateful if they would paint us one and then Ms Meyers pointed out a great pinboard which was covered in preparatory sketches and paintings on a football and Wimbledon theme. It looks as though St Ann's are ahead of the game and were already up and running! 
Footballs, players and AFC Wimbledon badges!

 Sketches by the pupils of Footballs and Players

In case they weren't too familiar with wombles, I had taken my old one along and he was passed along for everyone to have a good look before I started bringing out the flags and showing everyone what High Path and others had painted. We went though quite a few and everyone seemed to be finding it interesting as well as hopefully getting a few ideas, and before we knew it an hour had gone by and it was time for us to pack up and leave.

It's Flag Time! One of the first of many...
Before we went we left a 'flag pack' for the group as well as a pile of last season's programmes for them to look through. The group seem to be full of enthusiasm and really looking forward to getting down to the challenge ahead, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they and Ms Meyer can come up with!

**It's not too late for other schools to join in. If your children attend a Merton school and they might like to paint a flag as well, please let me know either through the club or by leaving a comment on this site. We will supply the flag, the paints and space in the gallery and at Kingsmeadow. All they have to do is provide the inspiration! **

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