Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Flag Project Update - April 2010

With the new term starting and everyone back at school we're getting a rough idea of the numbers of schools and flags involved in this years project. To date we've had enquiries or interest shown by seven or eight schools in the borough with six so far actually commiting to the project. Young Dons supporters at St Anns, Links , Abbotsbury, Poplar, Stanford and West Wimbledon Primary schools will be pleased to know that they may soon have the opportunity to help design and paint their very own flag and to have their work not only hung in a public gallery (Ooooohhh!!!) but then to go up at a match in the Tempest Stand as well (Aaaahhhhhh!!!)

West Wimbledon and Links schools have already booked in assembly 'flag-shows' for June and I hope that Abbotsbury School in Morden will be confirming a date soon. The West Wimbledon project also coincides with their 'Health & Exercise' week and AFC Wimbledon are hoping to persuade one of our shy and retiring young professionals to go along meet the kids and give them some insight into the training, diet and concerns of an aspiring young player. Should be fun!

Some schools will also be producing more than one flag as they are designing and producing a flag for each year so we should have more than enough to make a real eye-catching show at one of the pre-season games but the more flags the merrier!

It's not too late for other schools of course and if any Merton parents would like to have a word with your children's teachers or PTA representative we'd be more than happy to have them join in.  Each participating school will receive a free Flag Pack, an assembly 'Flag-Show', an art gallery presentation of the finished work and then the chance to see their flags flying at the stadium itself!

I'm sure there may be volunteering opportunities later on as well, for all those Dons supporters who might be feeling left out. For example we hope to have a very exciting hanging at the Wimbledon Library gallery with flags, pictures and other paraphenalia and would be grateful for offers of help from local supporters who might be able to spend a couple of hours curating and keping an eye on things for us. More of that closer to the dates though...

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