Monday, 16 November 2009

High Path Flag Project (Day 3)

Well thanks to the Met. Police for scuppering last weeks painting workshop! We had all arranged to meet on the Monday to continue with the High Path flag but the moving of the Millwall game meant that had to be put on hold until this evening. Which was a pity as a couple of stalwarts weren't able to make it: Haydon-fan Danny isn't well - best wished there Danny - and Warren forgot it had been moved! Never mind, there was still Marie, John and Ian to get stuck in. Which is what we did...

To save a bit of time I'd already put up the masking tape so we could get straight onto the joyful act of slapping on some paint
We each had our section so off we went...
There wasn't an awful lot of red paint but as it turned out there was just enough to cover all the spaces.
Touch and go whether we were going to cover it all from just one small pot!
Ian & Marie were exceptionally thorough
You had to work it into all the corners and then touch it up with a small paintbrush to make sure nothing was missed...
Ian was concentrating very hard on drying his bit
We dried it off as best we could but we were trying to get a lot done so there was always the worry that we'd smudge it a bit. We couldn't leave it any longer though so we started peeling off the masking tape
The first word looked ok although there were loads of small bits to peel off. It took about four minutes to get them all off but although it looked a bit wobbly close up we had a feeling it would be ok from a distance.
The first 'Reveal' of the night! As we thought it doesn't look to bad from a distance. The spots and the wobbly lines don't seem to show up at all.
On with the Womble!
Marie's flag design featured Haydon in goal during one of his epic half-time penalty shoot-outs and although we new we wouldn't get him finished we wanted to make a good start. We thought we'd do the goal-posts first, so that was lots of white paint in a couple of (almost) straight lines.
While she was there Marie thought she'd do Haydon's eyes.

Again getting the paint as dry as possible was really important but I think we were a bit underpowered in the hot-air department until 'Chelsea' Andy got involved. Then we had all the hot-air we needed all under the watchful eye of Orinocco (or Wellington or whoever...)
All hands to the decks! White paint going everywhere and the goalposts are quickly going up
The womble was very popular though. He was originally there for 'research purposes' - you know, trying to get accurate skin tones and all that, but while we were having a short break John had a closer look....
Quickly followed by Marie who also wanted a closer look. Looks like that was 50p well spent at the car-boot sale then!
Having sorted out the skin tones to everyone's satisfaction (a strange blend of light brown, white and yellow) we started filling in Haydon's face being careful not to spoil his eyes.
Then we did Haydon's shirt, arms cap and hands before calling it a day. We've still got the yellow bits on his shirt to do, along with his hair and ears, feet, football, boots, grass and netting but on the whole everyone was very happy with how it was all going!
And then I had to wrap the still damp-flag it up and take it home. Unfortunately, as I feared, it smudged a bit on the way. Never mind though, I'm sure it'll all be ok for the last session next week.

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