Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The High Path Flag Project (Day 2)

This evening was the first chance for the High Path People's Association of Flag & Banner Manufacturers to get together since the inaugural get-together some weeks back. Having decided on the design the previous meeting this was our opportunity to get down and dirty with some real paint (black Homebase Smooth Weathershield Masony Paint for those that are interested in such details).

Paint could be a problem though - especially on Warren's new Wimbledon 'Back To Back' tshirt so we were all kitted out in some XL Dons Trust promotional shirts in case of accidents. Very smart we looked too.

There's a steady trickle of funds coming in from the book sale at work so with the recklessness of the newly wealthy I had splashed out on a white sheet and some discounted out-of-date yellow dye (what's to go out of date?) and had combined the two to magical effect. There's something satisfying about seeing a newly dyed sheet come out of the washing machine... very cathartic. We knew what the text was to be - HIGH PATH SUPER DONS! had won hands down - so with the magic of powerpoint and a projector I was able to position it in roughly the correct place and to pencil in the lettering. Marie's splendid picture of Haydon the Womble in goal was going in the middle of the flag but that was going to be left until last.

Most people had one letter to paint but Danny somehow manged to get two. Smart work!

Right then - most important thing was for everyone to finish of their KFC's and cokes and to clear the decks for serious kitchen table action! Down went a plastic sheet and on top went the flag ready for painting.

It took quite a while to get the edging tape and newspapers down but with everyone's help we managed to get the letters with straight lines sorted. We thought we'd leave anything with circles or curves for last as they looked a bit tricky
Doing all the masking tape took patience and some concentration

I thought that rollers might prove to be the easiest way of applying the paint so again Homebase had provided us with some small, cheap rollers and trays that I hoped would allow minimise the chances of a spill or inky fingerprints going on the flag or clothes. They worked pretty well - so much so that I'm going to have a go with them myself on my next effort - and they kept the amount of paint on the flag to just about the right levels.
I think this must be the fun bit. Weapons at the ready and paint on the table!

There was quite a bit of enthusiastic roller-work going on with regular cries of 'More paint!' so I was kept busy topping everyone up and making sure all the corners were covered. Some nice hair-dryer action going on here

When everything was covered to everyone's satisfaction, out came my daughter's hair-dryer. We didn't want to have to lean over wet paint, so a minute or two under the dryer was just enough to remove any damp bits.

Marie showing total mastery of her tools

Everyone got to dry off their own letters but no-one was allowed to peel off the masking tape until everyone was ready. It was a moment of high drams as we didn't really know how well it would work and how clear the letters would be.
Can you tell what it is yet?

John couldn't resist some pamper time half way through.

Getting all the sticky paper off was a bit tricky. There were a few places where the paint had sneaked under the tape or where the edges were a bit wobbly but we decided that just added to the air of authenticity and anyway it's supposed to be looked at from a distance, not close up. So there. We're leaving it as it is - Gritty... Honest... Authentic...a bit Splodgy

Pretty good so far... but there's a few bits missing

Time to have a go at the 'tricky' letters then on we go to SUPERDONS! No one seemed to be flagging and everyone seemed pretty happy with the results so far. We tried to follow the curve of the letters with strips of masking tape before applying more serious roller-work.

The last letter submits to a frenzy of black paint and sponge rollers

We were just going into dryer mode when....... AY CARUMBA!!! Disaster strikes as we battle to complete the lettering. In comes Moira to use the kitchen to prepare food for the PHAB club who've booked it for the Tuesday night. Andy's made a double booking it seems and we're going to have to leave early!!!

We battle to finish what we can whilst Andy takes his punishment (like a slightly out of focus) man

Moira's doomed attempt to knock some sense into a Chelsea supporters head. Waste of time Moira!

Never mind. Moira gave us enough time to finish off the remaining letters and to get them reasonably dry with the hairdryer. Whilst we were tidying up the team decided that the SUPERDONS! at the bottom should be in red paint and to save time I would arrive next time with the tape in place ready for the painting. That way we could get that done quickly and crack on with the big job of getting Haydon's portrait on the big screen!

Not bad is it? Even the splodge under the 'A' looks deliberate
Warren, Clive, Danny, Marie, Ian (just about), John, Andy

A postcript: Some of the group were on the KM terraces for the Histon game. Not only did Haydon find them in the corner and come over for a hug, but Andy was amazed at the number of people who said hello and asked about the flag. If four goals wasn't enough I think that might have made their day!

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