Saturday, 4 July 2009

Merton Youth Activity Day - The Hub, Tooting & Mitcham FC

It doesn't matter where you go in Merton these days, you cannot escape the AFC Wimbledon presence. Today a breathless and excited wife* burst through the front door with the news that she'd just seen an AFC Wimbledon stall at Tooting & Mitcham's ground, of all places.

Pausing only to grab the trusty box brownie I set off for an exclusive and, on reaching the ground, there was indeed an AFC Wimbledon stall manned by Mark S-L head of the CFS scheme. Does this man never rest? He'll be at the Stables Open day next Sunday and was at the Village Fair the other week and yet here he is plugging away with a table game, some merchandise and loads of information.
A lucky winner checks out the small print

The event covered a wide range of sporting and leisure activities available to children in Merton and had been organized by local MP Siobhan McDonagh. She had been keen to get as many organizations involved as possible and couldn't see the potential nuances involved in Wimbledon advertising their football courses at T&M's ground. As it turned out they were very friendly, being far more concerned at Fulham's lebensraum and southward expansion than with ourselves.
Leaflets...check. Haydons....check. Game & prizes...check. Large inflatable 5 a side pitch......???!

One thing that struck me were the numbers of (very popular) inflatables that T&M had. Not only this 'beat the goalie' but a full 5-a-side pitch, all in their colours and badged up. I think I felt a small stab of envy but I think I managed to suppress it...
Well done to Mark. Whilst I was there there seemed to be a steady run of enquiries so I hope he was kept busy until close of play.

* Possibly a slight exaggeration. She did think I might be interested though.

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