Saturday, 27 June 2009

Poplar School - Morden

Funny thing Community Events. As soon as you've any sort of interest in them you spot them all over the place. Same thing when I had a motor-cycle with a side-car. One minute the only place you could remember seeing them was with a pregnant Olive and Stan on 'On The Buses' next thing I'm exchanging cheery waves with fellow owners all over London. And take today for instance. After a trip over to Brentford and Griffin Park in the morning* I strolled into my children's old primary school Summer Fair to find .... an AFC Wimbledon Speed Shoot-Out in progress!!
"Lights, cameras, ACTION!" Mr Pugh directing proceedings

It was all being run and directed by Mick Pugh and family in a very ordered manner, especially as he hadnt set the camera up behind the gold, but in front of it. Much easier to operate and far less hair-raising than having balls bulging the net and knocking the camera off its stand. You learn something new every day...
It was perfect weather for it as well and the enclosed sports pitch meant there was no need for cricket nets or other enclosures, which made the whole set-up a bit easier.
The target was a nice touch......and the whole thing was going down very well!

(* Griffin Park was hosting a free Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) testing session so we were down getting our son checked out. Didn't take long and was well worth the train fare.)

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