Thursday, 7 March 2013

Warren's Sticky Player Penalty Run-Up Red Nose Challenge!

Warren's sponsorship page:

Warren, just before taking his first penalty
When an old friend of the Community Team like Warren Palmer asks a favour, you do your best to help out! 

Warren attends the South Wimbledon-based High Path Day Centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities and not only that he's also a fanatical AFC Wimbledon supporter as well, being  part of the flag-painting project that produced the High Path Flag and also a key member of the Big Blast Band whose version of 'We Are Wimbledon!' was performed live at the stadium (and is also still available for download at Amazon!) 

Warren was keen to carry on the tradition, started last year by his friend Marie, of raising money every year for either Sport or Comic Relief. Marie ran a circuit of the pitch accompanied by Seb Brown but Warren thought this might be a bit beyond him and besides he wanted to do something a bit different as it was Comic Relief this time round.

One thing Warren said he'd really love to do would be to score a goal at the Tempest End. As we haven't had too many scored there this season we thought that would be a pretty good idea as well, so we all had a think about how he could do this as a form of Red-Nose challenge.

You'll notice that Warren has to use a cane to get around and one of our discussions with him was about how he'd like to take the penalty - alone with his cane, or with someone providing assistance. Which was easier? Was a helper more responsive or was the cane better for support?  Could an assistant help him get up speed or would their legs clash with his? Was a fit and healthy human assistant more a help or a hindrance?   

In fact, if you took it to the limit, was a professional, young and fit  AFC Wimbledon player of more use to Warren than a plain old stick?

In the spirit of the 80s betting-gameshow 'Banzai!' (with example link for those too young to remember) Warren was keen to find out and this ended up being his favourite idea for a challenge. First of all we would time his longest ever penalty run-up, just using his trusty cane, from the start of his run from the centre circle to the ball crossing the line. That would set the target time and give us the "DON - ZAI!" challenge!!

                           Player or Stick? ............. Stick or Player? 

 Which is most useful?

To bring his challenge to a climax, just before the start of the Morecambe game at the Cherry Red Record Stadium on 23rd March 2013, Warren will attempt to beat his personal best by using a real live AFC Wimbledon player as support! This will not only prove once and for all whether Wimbledon players are more useful than aluminium canes, but also give Warren his once in a lifetime opportunity to score a goal in front of the Tempest End! 

Yay! Result all round!!! (Even if he will be very nervous knowing his mum is attending her very first football match and looking forward to seeing Warren's penalty!)

With a challenge like that ahead of him he'd appreciate as much sponsorship as he could raise and he's set the bar at an ambitious £300...

To set the scene we are currently producing a video of Warren's baseline run carried out at the Cherry Red Record Stadium earlier this week. As Bert Kwouk was not available for Banzai voice over duties we've refrained from attempting his distinctive accent but suffice to say Warren threw himself into both the filming and the video with his typical sense of daring-do and good humour!

Warren's run up and penalty kick was timed in at 
43 seconds!

That's the time he's aiming to beat on Saturday 23rd March!

Warren's Red Nose donations page can be found at here and we hope can help him reach his target with a small donation.  Good luck Warren!

ps Thanks also to Michael form the CFS and Andy from High Path for being good sports in the making of the video. Take a bow gentlemen!

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