Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mascots - The Final Hurdle (And Some Trophies)

With only a few weeks to go before the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and with the Home Start Merton charity donation website nearly up and running (fingers crossed...),the mascot season is almost upon us!
Thanks to the kind generosity of the Womble Underground Press, we already have a splendid WUP Cup for our annual open race on Wimbledon Common, but they've come up trumps again for the one off Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Mascot Hurdles. I've also finished the last couple of hurdles for the race so I thought I might share them with you before the big day
To the front we have the WUP Cup, currently held by Merton Road Safety's Debra the Zebra. At the back we have the two trophies for the Jubilee race. One for the race winner and one for the mascot who attracts the most support in donations
Here they are in front of two more obstacles. The one at the front is a series of insulating foam tubes - more intimidating than tricky really, as long as the mascots don't trip over the base. To the rear we have the slalom boards that the mascots will have to dodge around
The £1 shops are a real source of cheap decoration at the moment. For the Diamond Jubilee race there will be plenty of red, white and blue bunting around as well as these fetching car window flags
So here are three different types of obstacle, all kitted out in their  race day finery. I just hope it doesn't rain...

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