Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Big Blast Band at the Civic Centre

If you happen to be in Morden over the next couple of days you might be tempted to pop into the foyer of the Civic Centre and if you do you'll find a small AFC Wimbledon display by the desk.
It's a summary of the Big Blast Band project, along with the flag we used on the day and it's there until the end of the week when it's then due to be packed up and moved on to the Chaucer Centre on Canterbury Road, home of the Merton Music Foundation. It'll grace the walls of the Chaucer Centre - which is Merton's main training venue for a variety of organizations, including schools, the council and outside organisations - for a few more weeks so, with a bit of luck, it may both raise awareness and also prepare the ground for other ventures across the borough!

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