Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Big Day in Photos - 1st Morden Cubs at the Morecambe game

AFC Wimbledon 1 - Morecambe 1. Seems like quite a while back now but I'm sure it's still fresh in the minds  of the 1st Morden Cubs who had joined us at the ground, not only in anticipation of a decent match, but also to be presented with their Artist Activity badge in recognition of the hard work and dedication they had put in to creating their flags. They were certainly as pleased as punch to be on the pitch and I think meeting Haydon was an unexpected bonus for them!

The slide show below captures some of the key moments of their day with photos from the cubs own photos taken by Akela Lee and his helper. The ones at the bottom were johnny-come-lately's that I found on my camera that were too late to be included in the presentation. Too good to waste though...

Apologies to all the cubs for the delay in getting this sorted but it's taken me a while to get my head around this embedding presentations malarky! Hopefully the 1st Morden cubs will let me off though as they are a very decent bunch and very forgiving.  

And now for a few spare photos to round the day off...
Back in the Tempest End ready for kick off
The 1st Morden Flag flying proud!
Just a few minutes left and it's still 1 - 1
Time for a last photo as the crowd have all left
Strike a pose...!
Happy Cubs about ready for home!
No doubt they're analysing the finer points of the game...

Well done to all the cubs and beavers at 1st Morden. It was a real pleasure working with you and you're all a credit to the troop!

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