Friday, 17 February 2012

WUP Wheels Keep On Rollin'

It's not always the most expensive things that make the difference. Since the WUP collective sponsored the inflatable shooting gallery last year it's appeared at Winter Wonderlands, Summer Fairs and numerous schools. But the problem has always been its weight and the tricky set of narrow passageways that honeycomb the KM Stadium - in short it's a real effort to try to lift a very heavy sack with very few grips!

A recent kind donation from the WUP collective has addressed this problem. It may not have cost a great deal of money in the overall scheme of things, but it's almost made the maneuvering of the inflatable a one man job. In fact I managed to take it myself to a cub pack the other week, something that would have been a major issue just a short time ago. We gratefully acknowledge the marvelous community inflatable sack-barrow!

So hats off to the WUP and to everyone who bought a copy. This is where your hard earned pennies go!
The photographer captures the return of the inflatable after a night with the cubs.
Notice the gleaming newness of the sack barrow and the compact packing of
the inflatable. Smart and professional (bungee cords are models own)
'Dapper Dan' from the CFS can't resist taking the inflatable straight out to a
Putney school for fun and instruction. So it's true, sack-barrows can  revolutionise
inflatable usage! Especially if you remember to pump up the tyres...

Are you a 'Dapper Dan Man'? We are and advise you to refuse any cheap alternative.

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