Monday, 6 February 2012

The First Tracks Go Down - The Big Blast Band

A different group went to the Crown Lane Recording studio this week and after a practice session or two, they started to begin the process of actually recording.

Everyone had the opportunity to try a different instrument, either bass guitar, drums or keyboards, and then they were given some instructions on the specialist art of recording! Josh managed to lock everyone out of the recording room and then puled down all the blinds so it was out the back entrance, get the spare keys and back in to 'rescue' him, much to his enjoyment. We know that because he did the same thing a few minutes later....

Ben's Metallica  t-shirt was a great improvement on last weeks Chelsea effort and as a result I thought his playing had improved no end. Marie was finding the repeating patterns on the keyboards a bit of a challenge but was sticking to her task with determination and was soon getting the hang of it.

Later on I went back to the other group who had been practicing layering clapping, chanting and drumming to great effect and was able to try to join in for the last ten minutes or so, even if I was obviously a bit off the pace.

We are having a bit of a rest next week, to charge the batteries and refresh the soul. If you want to ask the guys how they're getting on with the project,  the High Path Super Dons will be at the Morcambe game. And as long as I don't forget it, their flag will be as well!
Marie, getting to grips with the keyboard
Nick trying to help on bass and keyboards at the same time!
Meanwhile it's all happy-clappy back at base
Richard and Wayne carry the beat
Now who does this remind you of?

And That's All Folks!

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