Friday, 27 January 2012

Last Dibbings! - Beavers finish their flag

Well as much as we could finish in an hour anyway... I'll be filling in the bits that we didn't have time to complete and then doing the black outlines around everything, but the Beavers have worked hard to complete as much as they could of their flag. I'll be going back in a week or two to show them how it looks and to get them all to sign their name on the bottom of the flag. Then it's off to Kingsmeadow for the unveiling!
The Womble is going to have a revoloutionary striped shirt
You have to try to avoid too much
paint building up in one area
Painting around the fingers in never easy
A selection of the paints, although you never
have just the one you need..
After the calm... the Beavers are off home and it's time to dry!

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