Friday, 30 December 2011

1st Morden Cubs and Beavers Flag Gallery

Just before Christmas I returned to the 1st Morden Cubs and Beavers to see the designs that they had been working on since my initial visit. The intention was to combine as many interesting elements as possible in order to create two flags, one for each group, and then to return with a sketched overall design for the painters to get to work on. The Beavers only meet for an hour or so once a week so time would be at a premium with them and although there are more Cubs and they have longer meetings, we still didn't want to take up too much of their precious meeting time!

We thought you might like to see the designs though, so we've copied them below. We can only hope we capture the vitality and brightness of the originals with the final flags...

Beavers - Evie used some excellent lettering and we especially liked the stripy womble with the smiling face!
Beavers - Isacc's supporters are really flying the scarf for the Beavers and we think they would look great on the Beaver flag
 The Cubs are also working toward their Artist badge and will also have to design a poster to advertise a Cub Scout/ AFC Wimbledon joint event but designing their own flag is the first of their tasks!

Cubs - Jacob really took on board the advice to use strong, bold colours and outlines with his design and his Haydon looks very fierce!
Cubs - Dylan emphasised the scouting aspects with his pictures mixed in with the yellow and blue of AFC Wimbledon! we really liked the strong "1" in the middle.
Cubs - Jonathan's design features an attractive border with a repeating motif and a highly unusual scouts emblem as well!
Cubs - Josh had a very creditable go at drawing the very complicated two-headed Wimbledon eagle and managed to wish us 'Good Luck' as well. Thanks Josh

Cubs - Nicholas combined the AFC Wimbledon crest alongside the scout emblem on a plain yellow background to produce a classic flag design
 The next  job is to produce the final design, sketch it out and to break out the painting aprons!

Possible Flag Designs:  Having looked at all the sketches we tried to combine a range of individual elements for the final two flags to make sure as many participants as possible could see their work represented. Using highly sophisticated 'copy, cut & paste' technology we now have two possible layouts, one for the Cubs and one for the Beavers and these are the designs that will be hand-drawn onto the flags ready for painting!
The large '1', text, Haydon and the Scouts emblem all combined in a single flag

Two enthusiastic supporters and their scarf surround a womble with his bin!

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