Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fur & Feathers Course details and trophies

Top secret course map - for your eyes only! The yellow blocks are straw bales...

The course for Sunday's WUP 'Fur & Feather' Mascot race has been agreed (or to be more exact, I've just painted it) and although it's not to scale, it does give an idea of the sort of race confronting the nimble-toed Haydon and friends. Actually, it's like a map of the universe - the spaces betwwen the planets are always much bigger than you think and the mascots will have plenty of room for sprinting and overtaking. Although having seen some of the mascots involved I'm not sure that either of those will be much of an option!

The Womble Underground Press have sponsored the trophies for what we hope will be an annual event so it's only right we get to show off the silverware as well.

Haydon gets in on the medals, even if he may not actually win the cup!
Proud sponsors and a great big lens in close up.
The formal trophy and the winners replica. Some strange trick of the light making it look a bit wonky but it's as upright as we are. And who's that in the reflection?
Mascots have already started arriving for the weekend and the house is getting a little crowded. Toby, the mascot of the Round Britain Cycle Race turned up early and is settled in the front room. Debra the Zebra is coming tomorrow, along with Bertie the Bulb, who's a big lad. On Friday Pudsey turns up with Jude the Cat (ex QPR mascot, now retired in an animal hospital) and there's a possibility I may have two large mice unexpectedly this evening! All that and several schemes are afoot to get Hendon's mascot down for a bit of a run-around. All in all the house is going to be packed with all haydon's furry friends.

If you're wondering what to do next Sunday 4th September, come along and watch them take on the best of the rest at Wimbledon Common windmill at 3pm!

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