Thursday, 7 July 2011

Celebrated and Certified!

Tonight saw two very interesting flag-related events. Firstly the certificates for this years 'Flying the Flag for Haydon' project were printed and sorted out (at least for Hillcross School, but the others will be basically the same) and secondly the opportunity arose to show off last years flags in a public space.

So, first thing first, here's a preview of the certificate that every participating youngster will receive. It's actually on a nice sort of parchmenty-coloured card, although to be honest that doesn't really show up particularly well on the photo. 

The crests at the bottom are for the Premier League, Conference and the Professional Footballers Association who are helping out with funding for a few of our community projects this year.
A nice one to add to your swimming certificates!
Second opportunity was a reception for the club held in foyer at Merton's Civic Centre. This provided a bit of a challenge as although there was some decent space to hang the flags there was actually nothing to hang it from!

The problem is that there's only a round bannister above the glass on the balcony which had no-where to tie anything off. Undaunted however a quick trip to Wickes and I thought I had it sorted. Firstly I had to create a braced length of wood which is drilled and bolted together. Secondly (and this was the master-stroke) I tied off the suspending ropes on two drainpipe clips which conveniently clipped on the balcony.
The full kit - braced lengths of wood, metal eyelets, drainpipe clips and some stout string!
The rest of the evening was very enjoyable. The flags looked very impressive and gained admiring glances and quite a bit of conversation
Some of the early-arriving players cornered the nibbles by the Links School flag

The glasses are primed, the tables are ready... and West Wimbledon's flag is there for the big night
Hillcross School's new flag is looking mighty fine!
Miss Lowe from Hillcross School might be surprised to see her Uncle admiring her class's work!
Balcony view showing the Abbotsbury, St Ann's and High Path flags
Slightly different angle to show the entrance-way
Terry Brown arrives above the Abbotsbury flag (he made some very nice flag-related comments later on as well)
Nice bit of mingling in a flag-rich environment
The squad enjoying a post-training break
Councillor Alembritis says a few words (sadly I was too busy clapping to photograph the new mayor)
Erik Samuekson points out that the club are not quite yet 'back where we belong'!

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v lowe said...

I am really proud to see our school ( Hillcross) flag looking so great at the civic centre. It was also a huge surprise to see my uncle posing by it.

The children had a fantastic time designing and painting it. A huge thank you to Clive for coming in and working with all of the children as well.
Vicki Lowe ( teacher at Hillcross)