Sunday, 6 March 2011

Supporter's Direct - The Social & Community Value of Football

Haydon - Adding value
Last June saw the publication of a very interesting document by Supporter's Direct looking at measuring the overall social impact of football clubs. Significantly, this was about the club and its effects as a whole, not just the community section or the Community Football Scheme which the report notes, can sometimes be 'ghetto-ized' 

Investigations and discussions were wide ranging and examined all areas of a clubs impact on its immediate surroundings, both good and bad. As such it's very pertinent to what we are looking to create here at AFC Wimbledon and a great indicator as to some notion of best practice. You can access The Social & Community Value of Football -full version here if you wish or if you only want to get the gist of the whole thing, try the summary. It's only eighteen pages long and well worth ten minutes of your browsing time.

I believe some copies of the summary were distributed at a Dons Trust meeting soon after publication so it will be interesting to see if it has any impact on community discussions in the future.

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