Monday, 25 October 2010

Flying the Flag for Haydon - Latest sighting!

The recent Dons Trust Special General Meeting provided an opportunity to remind Trust Members of one of the community activites that took place over the summer period, both because some might not have been aware of it but also to show the sort of community activities the club could engage in.

There was a third motive I suppose - that of providing a little visual relief for the weary eyes of Trust members who had come out on a crisp autumnal night to enjoy a bit of essential debate, but that was more of an afterthought if I'm being honest...

The night before - all set up for the big event
As it happens I was at KM the night before for a Fundraising Meeting so was able to use the superb new carvery divider as an impromptu display space and was pretty much able to get the whole of the Flying the Flag for Haydon! exhibition on display, including a number of framed photos which seemed to give the whole thing an air of sophistication (honest guv'!)
It was about time the flags were given an airing
On the whole I'd like to see more use made of DT meetings to celebrate successes that the club has achieved as well as for conducting the essential business of the night. I'm sure there are a number of presentations or displays that could be arranged to add a bit of variety to the evening but flogging Bassey tickets and showing off flags wasn't a bad start I thought.

St Ann's 3D flag. Looks good but tricky to iron...
 The exhibition has also been offered to all the participating schools to set up in their own assembly halls as a way of comparing their flags with those of their contemporaries. There's also a possibility that they may be shown at meetings of local teachers which in turn might well raise the club's profile and persuade other schools to get invovled when we run the project again.

West Wimbledon School's flag acted as the backdrop
The display seemed to be appreciated and Trust members were often spottedgoing up for a closer look so all seemed to be going well. At the conclusion of the evening I was asked by the Chair, Kris Stewart, to say a few words of explanation regarding the project. The few words grew a bit, but not too large I hope as i've a tendency to get a bit carried away once I get going...

At the end of the evening I found I was able to pack the whole display down into a mere couple of blue IKEA bags, which is quite impressive really. A truly mobile exhibition!

Break time. Most people are at the bar or in the toilets...
... but the backdrop is certainly adding a bit of colour to proceedings!

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