Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wimbledon Art Gallery hosts "Flying the Flag for Haydon!"

Following the display of flags at Kingsmeadow they then moved on to a temporary exhibition space at Wimbledon library. The space had been hired for a week not only to allow the locals of Wimbledon to enjoy the exhibits, but also for all those schools and children who weren't able to get to Kingsmeadow. St Ann's school made the trip on the Tuesday afternoon and enjoyed the opportunity to see their flag alongside all the others.

This is the view to the left of the room as you enter through the door.During the day the lighting rail is on and the spotlights have quite a dramatic effect on the whole look of the room.

In the corner beside the Abbotsbury School flag are a few A3 photos of the children going onto the pitch at half time and being introduced to the crowd. The window space is given over to some of last seasons programmes which are available free for visitors.

Opposite the Abbotsbury flag is the Poplar flag which is - believe it or not - not quite finished! It has gone back to the school for the last of their 'Thrilling Thursday' events but will back in place for Friday and the weekend. Just to the left are some photographs of the children posing with all the flags after the crowds had left the ground.

This view is also taken with the Abbotsbury flag to the rear but showing the West Wimbledon flag, the Fleydon area and the two display cabinets in the middle of the room.

The whole of one wall is given over to the High Path Flag Project and includes a number of photographs explaining the process of designing, painting and displaying their flag.

Nasty bit of flash here, but here's a closer detail of the High Path photos.

The two display cabinets have been divided into the AFC and the FC periods of the club with various flags and other paraphenalia from the respective eras 

Another view of the flags and cabinets. After buying various hangers and hooks to fix the flags I was pleased to find that the clips I use for hanging them at the ground worked just as well in the gallery! I thought the balloons gave a nice light touch as well...

Just by the front door is the Fleydon Flag space with A3 pictures of a number of flags from recent seasons.

There is also a display cabinet containing a number of Fleydon-related items, including the new range of fridge magnets or 'flagnets', some sample t-shirts and a copy of the Time Out article from last year.

The exhibition will be open at Wimbledon Library until Saturday 17th July.

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