Friday, 2 July 2010

Abbotsbury School flag - A work in progress

I've just received some pictures from Abbotsbury Primary School in Morden who have spent some of the recent good weather working on their flag. Heads down and beavering away, even with the emphasis being on the lettering, this one looks very impressive.

There's only a week to go now before the Charlton game and there are some nerves starting tingle slightly. Will they be finished in time? How many flags will there be? How do you actually put on an art show in a gallery? In a weeks time we'll all know the answer....

Az Khan and his classmate Brandon Evans are really going for it. I wonder what the red paint's for?
No clue from this angle either. Could it be for the claws of the two-headed eagle?
It's all very intriguing...

Mariola has the tricky job of painting straight lines with the flag resting on the grass. Nice use of the yellow & blue for the lettering though.

Following behind drawing outlines around the lettering are Kanmanee, Bathusha and Jazeba. Looks like this one is going to be a real team effort!

Many thanks to all the artists at Abbotsbury Primary school. We're all looking forward to seeing the finished flag!


Bathusha said...

I was working really hard on the flag and I think it is going to come out as a great flag design. I agree with Miss Holmes that Az's design was really good. I would also like to thank Miss Holmes for her support. Without her support we wouldn't have done so well!


Yelfy said...

Hi Bathusha - I can't wait to see it either and you're right, special thanks should go out to all the teachers at the schools for helping with producing the flags. There's more work to it than you think!